Key West Hash House Harriers

A Beer Drinking Club with a Running Problem

This is an open club for all interested in having a good time. The Starting date, time, and location of each event will be posted here on this web page as soon as it is known. One of two "hares" (fun-loving members) will volunteer to host each event and will decide on the starting location, the trail (hopefully past some interesting, fun, scenic, and/or amusing places) and coordinate a location to have the "On-Home." Only the starting location date and time will be advertised. Only the Hares know where the on-home will be. A good trail (usually about an hour long) will have loops, trombones, and false trails so that the faster runners get a good workout by having to run further and the slow runners and walkers all get to shortcut and finish the trail at about the same time. Normal markings include flour, chalk, and biodegradable tissue paper and are set when the hares get their 15 minute head start at the appointed time that they advertised.

The Pack works together to "solve" the trail marks and find the ON-Home Party. Members of the pack may be required to engage in some fun activities during the run (like beer stops). Generally, the hares do not ask the pack to do anything that they haven't done, crossed, swam through, drunk, ate, or could finish.

At the end of the trail is the celebration referred to as the ON Home. This always includes beer, soda, water, a special ceremony (referred to as Hash business, the "Circle" or Hash Religion) and may also include food, wine, and anything else that the hares wish to offer. Although some believe that it is all about the trail and the beer, many  believe that the circle provides the most fun entertainment and often will go on for several hours. Plan accordingly. You may wish to bring a change of clothes and not make any appointments after any of these events.

The Hash House Harriers have chapters in every major city in the world and many smaller towns, villages and out of the way locations. Joining this fun-running bunch of beer-drinkers at locations all over is what led to the spread of the popular event. Although joking about mismanagement, and hashers receiving acclaim for particularly noteworthy, embarrassing, and worthy achievements, events are usually well-organized and have led to national (Nash Hash), North and South American (InterAmerica's Hash), European (Euro-Hash) , Asian (Pan Asia Hash) and world events (World Interhash) where up to 5,000 hashers gather for a weekend of such fun.

A donation of $5-10 is asked of participants to cover the cost of the refreshments; the hares may include food.

Please feel free to check out other Hashing links like those below (or do a Google search on Hash House Harriers and find the 57,000 clubs all over the world):


www.GoToTheHash.Com                    WWW.KEYWESTHASH.COM

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